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Leader as Coach

As a leader, it’s your job to set the vision and direction for where your team is going, align people, communicate goals and, ultimately, motivate, inspire and empower your team to do their best work. In order to be successful, one of your most important responsibilities is to serve as coach.

The word “coach” literally comes from the concept of the horse-drawn carriage and means “to bring a person from where they are to where they want to be.” Most of us have had influential coaches in our lives, whether on a sports team, at church, at school or in our professional lives. These individuals have shaped and molded us in some way and enabled us to develop new skills, new ways of thinking and/or new methods of accomplishing things.

While the coaches in our lives may have applied different styles and methods, they all invested a certain amount of time and energy into developing us to become better.

So how can you become an effective coach to your employees?

Coaching is really all about helping your team members develop to their highest potential, improve decision-making ability, foster self-discovery and deepen accountability.

The Coaching Mindset Index® (CMI) identifies foundations of all coaching relationships—sharing feedback, setting goals and finding solutions—and measures a coach’s natural coaching style and strategies:

Interested in learning more about taking your coaching to the next level?

Contact Elsey Consulting Group to customize our Leader as Coach Program for your organization. This program incorporates the Coaching Mindset Index® (CMI) 360 assessment, providing feedback from coachees, and equips leaders to build a strong “Coaching Culture” to empower team members to make decisions, foster career growth, deepen accountability and stimulate innovation.


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