Tackle a current business process with a focus on driving innovation, improving service, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.

The Process Improvement Express (PIE) is a two-day end-to-end process redesign workshop involving all key stakeholders, creating ownership and buy-in and resulting in faster adoption of the new process and return on investment.


ASSESS CURRENT PROCESS - Gain end-to-end understanding of the current process, including total time and costs. Identify pros and cons, including current steps, essential elements, time spent and wasted, duplicated efforts, non-value-added approvals and more.

DESIGN NEW PROCESS - Design a new streamlined process to improve service and innovation, alleviate duplication and non-value-added work, shorten cycle time and reduce overall costs. Identify who will be responsible for each stage in the new process. Reach agreement with key stakeholders and prioritize new process components.

CREATE ROLL-OUT PLAN - Create change management/communication plan to ensure successful implementation of new process. Determine target audiences, key messages, training schedule and reinforcement tactics.

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