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Align strategy, structure and culture to create a healthy, high performing organization to deliver on your brand promise.

Whether you're looking to create, refresh or transform your company and its culture, we'll design a roadmap to help you identify your long-term strategies and tactics to drive results, culture alignment and employee engagement.


Culture Transformation and Talent Strategy

Align the mind-set, values, behaviors and business practices of your people to drive results and execute your most important goals.

Strategic Planning

Design or refresh your vision, mission and values and define your key strategic areas (KSA) for the future.

Long Range Planning

Define how you will get there in the long term and identify your long-term objectives.

Annual Business Planning

Create an annual business plan to execute on your strategy at a divisional/team level with clear accountabilities and metrics of success.

Organization Development and Design

Design your organization to execute on your strategy.

Change Management and Transitions

Lead others through the emotional cycle of change and learn to drive adoption of changes to realize ROI.

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We knew we had a problem but didn't know what it was. ECG was instrumental in diagnosing the problem and prescribing a step-by-step process to overcome it.

— Justin Tysdal, CEO and Co-founder of Seven Corners

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