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Transitioning to First-Time Manager

You’ve just been promoted to first-time manager. Congrats! It’s an accomplishment that deserves recognition.

It’s also one of the most significant shifts you’ll make in your career. Yesterday, your job was to get stuff done. Today, your job is to get stuff done through others. And that takes a completely new skill set than you’ve developed to date.

Being an effective leader requires you to do the following:

  • Set vision, direction and strategy

  • Align people

  • Communicate goals

  • Motivate, inspire and empower your team to do their best work

  • Understand individual needs and adapt to meet them

  • Give recognition and constructive feedback

  • Coach to improve decision-making ability and foster self-discovery

  • Delegate tasks to deepen accountability

  • Drive performance execution

  • Build a healthy, motivating culture

And none of those things can be accomplished overnight. It will take time and practice to ultimately become the leader you strive to be.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Elsey Consulting Group to customize our Leadership Accelerator Program for your organization. This program includes six to 12 workshops, 1:1 coaching and a comprehensive assessment process measuring behavioral style, motivators, values, conflict style and an optional 360 process, providing feedback from managers, peers and direct reports.



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