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Team Building in Times of Change

Your team has experienced immense change in the past several weeks.

You may have gone from seeing each other 8+ hours every day to only seeing or hearing each other on scheduled calls. For some, this lack of physical presence and connection can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. For others, they may have the additional stress of balancing childcare with work and very real fears of health or economic issues.

We’re operating in the whirlwind—so much information and guidance to cycle through. In this fast-paced, fast-changing environment, it’s easy to let communication and collaboration drop. Strong relationships and teamwork are the essential ingredients needed to sustain engagement during turbulent times.

Now, more than ever, your team needs to come together. Whether you’re intending to bring everyone physically back together in the near term or opting to work remotely for the foreseeable future, now is the time to reconnect on your purpose, roles, strategy, processes, communication and behavioral expectations.

Now is the time to reset and reinforce healthy, high-performance rules of engagement.

One effective team building tool to consider is the TTI Success Insights® DISC assessment, the most widely used behavioral assessment that measures behavioral styles based on two things:

1. Our speed of processing information to make decisions

2. Our orientation toward tasks or relationships

While each person is unique, most of us have a primary behavioral style:

No style is better than another, but each style behaves and responds differently. In times of high stress, we may particularly struggle to work with those who think and behave differently from us. DISC encourages mutual respect, mutual trust and a willingness to adapt for team effectiveness.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Elsey Consulting Group to create a team building solution that meets you where you are. We offer in-person and virtual team building workshops focused on:

· Understanding yourself and others to increase collaboration and teamwork

· Speeding adoption of new roles, responsibilities and business practices

· Listening to differing team member perspectives to reach understanding and appreciation

· Assessing team effectiveness with a focus on continual growth and development

· Creating a high-performance culture with an inspiring vision, mission and values



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